Administration and Finance

Kimball Hall Lounge Reservation Guidelines

The Kimball Hall Lounge is available for priority university, school and department-sponsored events hosting up a maximum of 85 people. Smaller events of 45 people or less should be held in other department or university space. Please read these guidelines in full. Your reservation request may be delayed or denied if you fail to supply the required details.

A charge of $250 applies to schools or departments outside of NYU Steinhardt. An NYU account must be provided.

Student Events

A department chair, full-time faculty member, senior staff member or a member of the dean's staff must be in attendance for the duration of the event. Your request will be denied unless such a person is identified on the Reservation Form.


Kimball Hall Lounge holds a maximum of 85 people.


Hours available for events are from 7:30 am - 11:30 am and 4:30 pm - 10:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Between the hours of 11:30 am - 4:30 pm, the space is a student/faculty lounge. Keep in mind that Facilities & Construction Management setup, if required, begins half an hour before the event's start time (e.g., if your event starts at 5:00 pm and requires setup, you must reserve the space for 4:30 pm).

  All-Day Events: Weekends, Holidays and Summer Events

All-day events are not permitted Monday through Thursday during the Fall and Spring semesters. However, requests for all-day event reservations for the Summer or for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday during the Fall or Spring semesters will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Events reserved for Sundays, holidays, and/or after official building closing will need to make special arrangements with Public Safety (via David Wong) and Facilities & Construction Management (for setup and clean-up/waste pick up). The department and/or office responsible for the reservation will be charged for these services.


While light breakfasts and snacks are acceptable, Kimball Hall Lounge cannot accommodate sit down meals. There are other spaces in the University that are better equipped to handle these types of events. You are responsible for all catering arrangements.

For food deliveries, a group representative must be present 30 minutes prior to the start of the event to sign for and take responsibility for the delivery. Public Safety and general office staff located at the space will not be responsible for signing and receiving food orders. (Please keep in mind that most deliveries arrive earlier than scheduled.)

Tablecloths are required.

Alcoholic Beverages

Please review NYU's Policies on Substance Abuse and Alcoholic Beverages regarding the serving of alcoholic beverages at NYU events.

Setup and Clean Up

You are responsible for coordinating the setup and cleanup of the space with Facilities & Construction Management (FCM). The trash must be collected and all furniture must be wiped clean and returned it to its original location.

Please arrange your request directly with FCM via email: Remember to forward your email reservation confirmation to FCM when making arrangements for your event.

Setups for afternoon events may begin no earlier than 4:30 pm. Clean ups must start no later than 9:30 pm. Departments will be charged overtime by Facilities & Construction Management for these afternoon event set ups and cleanups.

The lounge is to remain open to students until setup time, which is half an hour before the event's start time.

Events should be contained to the north half of the Kimball Hall Lounge (behind the glass doors) to limit noise and to avoid interference with access to the building. You will be asked to move any materials set up on the south side.

Media Presentation & Audiovisual Requirements

You are responsible for any and all media and audiovisual requirements. For rental of University equipment, contact Campus Media at 8-2655 or via their web site:


Requests must be made at least one month prior to the event using the form below.

I agree to all of the above guidelines.