Administration and Finance

Longer Service Recognition & Awards Reception 2011-2012

Greenberg Lounge, Vanderbilt Hall
May 2, 2012

This annual combined awards ceremony celebrates the contributions of non-instructional staff members who gone the extra mile for the NYU Steinhardt community.


Long Term Service Awards
40 Years
  • Patricia Carey, Associate Dean, Student Affairs

35 Years
  • Brenda Walcott-Nesbeth, Administrative Aide I, Applied Psychology
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30 Years
  • Anthony Heyward, Grants Administrator, Administration & Finance
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25 Years
  • Claude Blenman, Director, Faculty Affairs, Office of the Dean
  • Shirley Montgomery, Administrative Aide I, Leadership & Technology
  • Debra Weinstein, Publications & Creative Projects Director, Planning and Communications
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20 Years
  • Lee Frissell, Director, Field Projects, Global Programs
  • Edwin Goodgold, Administrative Assistant, Planning & Communication
  • Roberto Martinez, Projects Coordinator, Teaching & Learning
  • Raquel Sanders, Office Manager, Metro Center
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15 Years
  • Jacqueline Birnbaum, Assistant Training Specialist, Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy
  • Dorothy Siegel, Director-ASD Nest Support Project, Institute for Educational & Social Policy
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10 Years
  • Shirley Archer-Fields, Office Administrator, Applied Psychology
  • Darrell Carter, Media, Culture & Communication
  • Don Dona, Grants Administrator, Administration & Finance
  • Yolanda Fordham, Director Tutorial Services, Metro Center
  • Julia Spanja Hoffert, Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
  • Crystal Joseph, Manager, Restricted Funds, Administration & Finance
  • Thomas Kleinert, Associate Director, Graduate Admissions
  • Annette Morales, Administrative Aide II, Media, Culture & Communication
  • Paris Mourges, Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research, Research & Doctoral Studies
  • Chris Nichols, Information Technology Specialist, Planning & Communication
  • Bibi Rahaman, Administrative Secretary, Teaching & Learning
  • Ingrid Sosa, Administrative Aide I, Student Services & Public Affairs
  • Robert Wallace, Assistant Training Specialist, Teaching & Learning
  • David Wong, Assistant Director, Admin Services, Administration & Finance
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Give-A-Violet Award Nominees

This award recognizes employees who perform above and beyond the normal scope of their position and responsibilities. Nominees have demonstrated high levels of integrity, respect for others, teamwork, adaptability, and excellence in customer service to both internal and external customers. Click for more information.

All staff and administrators are eligible. 


  • Christiana Belfon, Administrative Aide II, Teaching & Learning


  • Noni Bourne, Student Services Counselor, Media, Culture & Communications
  • Damien Davis, Administrative Aide, Art & Art Professions
  • Ingrid Green-Kelly, Faculty/Database Admin, Music
  • Justine Kelly-Fierro, Student Services Counselor, Applied Psychology
  • Letizia La Rosa, Internship Administrator, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Stacy Lanyon, Administrative Aide I, Nutrition, Food Studies & Public Health
  • Ayanna Lee, Department Administrator, Occupational Therapy
  • Mary McShane, Senior Grants Specialist, Teaching & Learning
  • Christina Molencamp, Adminsitrative Secretary, Physical Therapy
  • Annette Morales, Administrative Aide II, Media, Culture & Communication
  • Eric Narburgh, Director of Operations, Office of the Dean
  • Kiran Ramkhelawan, Administrative Secretary, Communicative Sciences & Social Disorders
  • Anne Marie Skvarla, Practicum & Clinic Coordinator, Communicative Sciences & Disorders
  • Ingrid Sosa, Administrative Aide I, Student Affairs
  • Jillian Sullivan, Associate Director, Student Services, Media, Culture & Communication
  • Corinne Weinman, Associate Director, Student Services, Media, Culture & Communication
  • Jennifer Wells, Assistant Director for Student Services, Student Affairs
  • Jonathan Winters, Humanities & Social Sciences
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The NYU Steinhardt Staff Award for Excellence in Job Performance

This award recognizes staff at the clerical level who have provided extraordinary service to students, staff, faculty and administrators. These employees are on the front lines executing University and Steinhart School initiatives and ensuring their success.

This award was created by NYU Steinhardt in 2008 as a counterpart to the University's Distinguished Administrator Award. Only full time clerical staff of NYU Steinhardt are eligible.


  • Monica Graham, Administrative Aide, Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Other Nominees:

  • Scott Allen, Administrative Aide , Music & Performing Arts Professions
  • Marisol Ascona, Administrative Aide, Music & Performing Arts Professions
  • Timothy Bolstad, Network Tech, Music& Performing Arts Professions
  • Rochelle Brown, Administrative Aide, Music & Performing Arts Professions
  • Merlyn Jerry, Secretary/Office Assistant, Administration, Leadership & Technology
  • Brian McHugh, Network Tech, Occupational Therapy
  • Rachael Moore, Administrative Secretary, Metro Center
  • Annette Morales, Administrative Aide II, Media, Culture & Communication
  • Katherine Parker, Faculty Services Assistant, Media, Culture & Communication
  • Kiran Ramkhelawan, Administrative Secretary, Communicative Sciences & Disorders
  • Ingrid Sosa, Administrative Aide I, Student Affairs
  • Noami Tarantal, Administrative Aide, Music & Performing Arts
  • Tara Tempone, Administrative Aide II, Nutrition & Food Studies and Public Health
  • Ameenah Wilson, Administrative Secretary, Student Affairs
  • Jonathan Winters, IT Technician, Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions
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Distinguished Administrator Award Nominees 

This award recognizes outstanding administrative and professional performance that helps NYU meet its strategic initiatives and attain its goals. Nominations are submitted by faculty, staff, fellow administrators and even students. Click for more information.

Administrators and professional staff are eligible.

NYU Winner:

  • Jim Ford, Steinhardt Web Administrator, Planning & Communication

Steinhardt Winner:

  • Mary Taylor, Assistant Director, Medica & Culture & Communication

Other Nominees:

  • Mary Baptiste, Administrative Coordinator, Occupational Therapy
  • Andrea Fannelli, Registration Services Administrator, Student Affairs
  • Bart Grachan, Director, CCTOP, Office of the Dean
  • Nancy Hall, Coordinator, Doctoral Studies, Student Affairs
  • Paul Horan, Student Advisor, Music & Performing Arts
  • Ginelle John, Enrollment & Student Services Administrator, Occupational Therapy
  • Melissa Lucas, Department Administrator, Media, Culture & Communication
  • Julia Mazzeo , Student Advisor, Applied Psychology
  • Jennifer Zakrzewski, Assistant Manager, Art & Art Professions
  • David Zapotocky, Director, Registration Services, Student Affairs
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