Administration and Finance

Quality Service Annual Report 2011 Attachment F: Initiatives

  • Steinhardt Admitted Student Day (Lisa)
  • Piggy back on peer schools  - get ideas/practices (Lisa)
  • Knowledge base, information sharing  for all of us – (include. Dept’s., reps)  (Lisa)
  • Acclimate new employees ) (Lisa)
  • QS Project Fair end of year, in the community to raise awareness; focus groups; newsletter, suggestion box
  • Mission statement to unify department
  • Show respect – constant respect
  • Healthy competition to be excellent
  • Respect for/among stakeholder groups
  • Dept. Barbecue
  • Hire more student worker
  • More training
  • Create a culture of feedback
  • Sharing information
  • High tech idea for computers - - sharing