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Quality Service Annual Report 2011 Attachment C: Interview Protocol


You will be conducting a series of interviews this morning. Please follow the script, provided for each interview.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTERVIEW ONE: You will interview one person at your table using the script provided. You will use your notes to introduce the person you are interviewing to the people at your table.  You will share the story the person tells you during your introduction which will take place after you and your partner have interviewed each other.



INTRODUCTION: I am interviewing today to help introduce you to others attending this Quality Service Dialogue Day. Later, this morning I will be exploring your experiences in providing and receiving service and support at Steinhardt.


When people talk about Steinhardt they comment upon its unique place at NYU. They talk about the challenges and the opportunities created in a community where professionals in education, music, health, media, and applied psychology interact. Each profession has its interests, and each profession also shares from crossing disciplinary boundaries and learning and collaborating together.

Steinhardt serves graduate students and undergraduate students. Working with them are faculty, administrators and staff, who embody and are challenged to model what service to others means for Steinhardt students. Students also find that Steinhardt encourages and challenges them to develop and model skills needed to service and support others in their current and future communities. Let us begin the interview.

What is your name?


What is your current position?


Please describe the role you play in the Steinhardt community.


MOMENT OF APPRECIATION: At some point, all of us have the opportunity to help or provide support to someone at Steinhardt or NYU.  You may think of them as customers. Customers are not only students.  Customers are people who need the support and help of others to accomplish a task whether as an employee, faculty member, volunteer, or student leader.

Think of a time when a person in this community thanked you for the help you provided them.  In some way, you provided them with a service or a support that they needed. Briefly describe the situation. As you talk about this incident, include information about the person’s role or position, about what they needed, how they approached you, and any challenges you faced. Describe the results you achieved. What did the person say or do when he or she thanked you? Include how you felt when the person thanked you and how the thank you impacted your work and your view of your role.





Each person at the table will introduce the person he or she interviewed.  After every person has been introduced, the group will discuss the Moments of Appreciation.

What characteristics did the Moments of Appreciation share?


How did they add to your understanding of providing service, support or help to another person?


Select one story to share with the entire group.

Use the easel paper provided to list your responses to the questions. Have one person ready to ready to briefly share your discussion. He or she will then share the story the group selected with the entire group.



Each person at the table will stand up and introduce himself of herself (NAME, ORGANIZATION, and ROLE).

Then one person will report on the group’s discussion and share the story the group selected.




INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTERVIEW TWO: You will interview the same person using the script provided. As with the first interview, record the person’s responses in the spaced provided. After all the interviews are completed, please be ready to discuss what you heard.



At the beginning of this session, you heard the reasons for conducting this Quality Service Dialogue Day. While Steinhardt is responding to NYU’s request, leadership in Steinhardt realized this was an opportunity to explore what quality service means and how we can excel in providing services and support to each other at Steinhardt. Regardless of our roles, how we interact affects the services and support we provide each other.  Since we are a community developing professionals, we have an opportunity to model and practice excellent service and support as part of our development.

Our first interview set the stage for our dialogue today. You drew upon your experience to describe a Moment of Appreciation for the service you provided. The second interview will help us to continue our exploration of quality service. We want to develop an understanding of how quality service looks, how we can encourage excellent service and support in our community, and how we can make it part of our daily work together.

WALKING IN ANOTHER PERSON’S SHOES: At some point, all of us have the opportunity to request support or help from someone at Steinhardt or NYU. Every day, your role may require you to be a customer.  Customers are people who need the support and help of others to accomplish a task whether as an employee, faculty member, volunteer, or student leader. Think of a time when you needed assistance in a situation you found challenging .Despite the challenge you received help successfully. Describe the situation. Talk about how you realized you needed help. How did you ask for help? Describe your expectations. What was the reaction of the person whose help you needed? Describe what made the interaction successful? Describe any feedback you provided the person who helped you.



  1. It is easy to talk about terrible service and poor support.  For this conversation, please focus on the other side of the picture.  Describe in your own words quality, or stellar, customer service or support.  Be concrete talking about specific behaviors, practices and values that you would see in place and in daily use.  Include in your description, things that may be overlooked.  The small things that matter to you that would make a difference.

  2. Second word?




a.) Three years have passed.  We are together again because each of us became involved in actions to improve quality service at Steinhardt. We were so successful that we came back together to share our stories, learn from each other and celebrate.  Our actions and what we learned as a community, made Steinhardt a leader in providing quality service and for developing professionals who are excel in the support and service they provide others. Organizations recruit Steinhardt graduates since they are known as for the quality their work and their service ethic. Faculty members and students have published work based on quality service initiatives that has appeared in top journals. Graduates have done an award winning documentary of this work. dxSteinhardt has improved processes, encourage innovation, and created a service environment in which students, faculty, staff and administrators flourish. Describe two or three things that took place that brought about this change.  Who was involved? What was done? What was the outcome?


I. .Using your interview notes, share what you heard during the interview with the people in your group. As each person talks, please take notes. In addition to looking for common patterns, notice what stands out as being memorable or extraordinary.



II. After listening to the interviews, the group should discuss what they heard.  Please be ready to have your group report back to everyone in the room.  Please consider the following as you prepare for your reports.

a.    Common patterns that were seen across the stories.
b.    Memorable stories or surprises that captured your attention
c.    Images of and ideas about what makes a workplace healthy.
d.    Images and ideas about employee engagement.
e.    What were the concrete actions that brought about success?
f.     How did people contribute to the success?


I. .Using your interview notes, share what you heard during the interview with the people who joined your group. As each person talks, take notes.

Your group should discuss what they heard looking for such things as:

a.    Common patterns.
b.    Memorable stories or surprises that captured your attention
c.    Images of and ideas about that capture what quality service means.
d.    Concrete actions that brought about success
e.    How people contributed  to  success


GROUP PROJECT: You will use data collected from your discussion to complete a group project that you will present to the other participants.

Create a Movie Poster that will illustrate OUTSTANDING QUALITY SERVICE AT STEINHARDT. Your move may focus on any process or policy. Your movie may portray SUCCESSFUL QUALITY SERVICE from the perspective of students, staff, faculty and administrators.  You will use your poster to attract other participants at this session to your view of SUCCESSFUL QUALITY SERVICE.  Your goal will be to attract others to an initiative or change that they will want to adapt