Administration and Finance

Quality Service Annual Report 2011 Attachment A: Interview Script


Thanks for agreeing to this interview, your participation is vital as we plan for our Quality Service Dialogue Day and identify ways to improve our service.  The questions that follow are designed to elicit information that can help us, and your responses will be anonymous.  There are no right or wrong answers, and the more specific you can be, the more helpful it will be for us.  I’ll write a few notes to myself as you respond to help me remember your ideas, feel free to emphasize anything you want to be sure gets heard.  Do you have any questions before I begin?

Customer Services Questions

  1. What role do you have in your unit/school?  Who are your clients/customers?  Describe a good work day for you.  What does it involve?  With how many people do you come into contact?  Describe your interactions with these people.  How many are helping you?  How many do you help?  What else about a good work day makes it good?
  2. Please describe, in as much detail as possible, the ideal version of your office/college.
  3. What resources, human or otherwise, do you have or would you like to have that would make your job easier?
  4. What are some policies/procedures at colleague’s/friends’ schools that you think might help improve service here?
  5. Describe a time a student expressed a high level of satisfaction with a policy or procedure.
  6. Describe the best experience you’ve had as a customer (preferably in a college or school setting).
  7. Think of a time, in this organization, when you witnessed outstanding customer service.  It might be a time when you were directly involved, or when you observed a co-worker.  Describe the situation.  Who was involved?  What was done that, for you, it deserves being called “outstanding customer services?”  If this happened only once, what suggestions could you make to have it happen more frequently?

We’re finished with all the questions, is there anything you want to add?  Thanks again, I really appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in your responses.  I hope that you will be able to attend our Quality Service Dialogue Day and that you’ll find some valuable insights from participating.