Administration and Finance

New York University Corporate Travel Account (CTA) Guidelines for Steinhardt School Cardholders


The NYU Corporate Travel Account (CTA) is a corporate-liability MasterCard issued by JP Morgan Chase. It replaces the American Express Business Travel Account (BTA). As it is not an actual credit card, it cannot be put through a credit card scanner device. The CTA is encoded to only permit use for travel:  

  • Air
  • Rail
  • Intercity bus (Bolt or Mega only)
  • Hotels
  • Car rentals (Avis or Enterprise only).  

The CTA is used to pay for business travel expenses for infrequent travelers in a department, travelers who do not have a personal credit card or University guests/visitors.

The Corporate Travel Account is issued in the name of an individual. The cardholder must be a Steinhardt School employee and is accountable for charges made with their CTA.

Each CTA card is linked to a default fund “10” or “20” chartfield. Charges can be moved to one or more other chartfields during the reconciliation process.

Refer to the Corporate Travel Account (CTA) Training Session presentation for more information.

Weekly Review

Charges must be reviewed online using the PaymentNet system.  

  • Upon logging into PaymentNet, from a new drop-down menu select CTA.  
  • A separate screen will open for it.
  • Charges appear in PaymentNet within 48 hours.

The PaymentNet cardholder’s weekly review deadline is Monday, 11:59 pm.

During the review, the cardholder must:

  • Confirm that each charge is legitimate, recognizable and that the dollar amount is correct.
  • Confirm the chartfield to be charged, or if it is not for the card’s default chartfield, assign the chartfield(s). Up to 99 chartfield splits may be made for an individual transaction.
  • Enter a brief description for each charge: traveler’s name, destination, business purpose, date.

CTA Administrator Leslie Brown will approve CTA transactions on Tuesdays, upon completion of the cardholder’s review of their charges in PaymentNet.  

For an introduction to using PaymentNet, refer to iLearn’s 17 minute online tutorial, PUR004: How to Use the PaymentNet System. The tutorial has not yet been updated to reference the PCard, but is applicable to the CTA as well. A drop-down menu has been added to allow selection of PCard or CTA screens.

Monthly Reconciliation

Five days prior to the payment due date, complete the Corporate Travel Account Monthly Backup Summary form. Attach it to the monthly statement with support documentation for each transaction. Indicate the Transaction Identifier (Trans ID) reference number on the support documentation for each charge.

Send the packet to the Office of Administration and Finance. It will be reviewed by Budget Assistant Ramie Johnson or Jenny-Ann Roberts for approval by CTA Administrator Leslie Brown. The approved packet will be signed and dated. CTA monthly statements and documentation will be returned to the cardholder.  

The complete original packet must be kept on file in a readily accessible manner within the cardholder’s department. The period of retention shall conform to the NYU Policy on Retention and Destruction of Records.

Contested Charges: Error by JP Morgan Chase

CTA charges may be contested via PaymentNet. Disputes must be initiated within 60 days from the transaction date. Corrections will appear as a direct credit against the charge.

Inappropriate Charges Made by Cardholder or Designee

Attempted non-travel related charges will be denied at point of charge, per encoding of the CTA cards.
Non-NYU business charges must be repaid by a check made out to New York University and must be noted on the weekly review notes.

Repeated inappropriate use of the CTA by the cardholder or on behalf of an individual will result in denial of CTA access to the culpable person.

Weekly Review and Monthly Reconciliation in Cardholder’s Absence

Notify Leslie Brown in advance if the cardholder will be unable to perform the weekly review or monthly reconciliation. Indicate who will be the alternate. An arrangement will be made to enable the alternate to conduct the review or reconciliation.

Failure to Regularly Review and Reconcile CTA

Cardholders will be subject to cancellation of their Corporate Travel Account if the weekly reviews and monthly reconciliations are repeatedly not submitted in a timely fashion.

Last reviewed: May 30, 2013