Administration and Finance

AP Workflow Overview

Accounts Payable Workflow (AP Workflow) is the online system through which advances and reimbursement requests are processed. 

With AP Workflow:

  • Payments are received faster (much faster, if you have signed up for direct deposit of advances and reimbursements) than through the older paper-based system.
  • Transactions are trackable as they move through the system.
  • As a web-based process, AP Workflow allows transactions to be submitted from off-campus locations.

Reconciliations of advances and reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 days of the expenditure or end of any related travel.

Click here to get started with AP Workflow.

Your department or fiscal administrator can familiarize you with the use of this paperless system. Additionally, NYU's iLearn offers brief, user friendly tutorials:

  • FIN 001:  The Fundamentals of Business Expenses
  • FIN 002:  All About Business Travel
  • FIN 003:  All About AP Workflow
  • FIN 005:  AP Workflow Real Life Examples

Last reviewed August 30, 2012