American Sign Language Minor and Course Sequence

Offered by the Department of Applied Psychology

The Department of Applied Psychology offers a popular sequence of courses and a minor in American Sign Language (ASL).

The sequence is:

  • ASL: Level I, ASL-UE 0091 (introductory, requiring no prior knowledge)
  • ASL: Level II, ASL-UE 0092
  • ASL: Level III, ASL-UE 0093
  • ASL: Level IV, ASL-UE 0094

ASL satisfies the foreign language requirement in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human development.

ASL can be declared as a minor if the student takes the full four-course sequence.  The minor is available to students throughout NYU.

Other students may take the part or all of the sequence as electives. ASL I and II are offered each fall and spring semester. ASL III is offered only in the fall; ASL IV is offered only in the spring.

The courses are listed under the heading of American Sign Language in the Directory of Classes and Albert.

Career Opportunities

A minor in ASL can benefit students in many ways. Students who know ASL gain insight about Deaf people and their language and may also gain an edge in employment opportunities. The ability to communicate with Deaf people is often seen as an asset by employers, particularly in the helping professions. Students in the arts profit because of the inherent physical expressiveness of ASL.

Contact Information

Program Chair: Randolph L. Mowry
212 998 5224