Upcoming Exhibitions

May 4 - 23, 2017
NYU MFA Thesis Show, Part II
June 14- August 19 2017
Becky Beasley: A Gentle Man
A four-part video portrait of a silent man from birth to the present (1947-2017) explores brevity and intensity through Bernard Malamud’s Manhattan-set short story, Spring Rain. Short form fiction is at the heart of the exhibition, illuminating small gestures at intense moments in a life.  Beasley transforms the length of the gallery’s five rooms into a single journey from day to night. Using only existing light, the exhibition moves from day-lit front rooms to unlit rear spaces, illuminated here by large projections of a new video. Kissing chairs designed by the artist are presented in each of the four chapters of the exhibition, narrated by Russel Tovey.

This is Beasley’s first institutional exhibition in the US.