Department of Art and Art Professions

Project Space

Tibi Tibi Neuspiel
Art 4 Dogs
October 30 - November 1
Opening Reception Thursday, October 30th, 6-9pm           


Monica and the gang introduce Rachel to the 'real world' after she leaves her fiancé at the altar. Ross is reeling from his divorce from Carol, who has become a lesbian. Ross reveals his teenage crush on Rachel.

As a species, humans have certain aesthetic preferences based on our sensory input, and particular intellectual tendencies based on our cognitive capabilities. These combine to create our taste in art, which as varied as it may seem contain certain trends, such as an overwhelming preference for rectangular shaped visual artworks. What about other higher order mammals, do they share homo sapiens' preference for four sided forms?  What about the taste of animals whose visual capabilities cause them to see a different range of colors and forms? To find out I've sought the opinion of my studio mate Pizza, a 14 month old miniature Labradoodle, who had up until now never showed any interested in my artwork. Through a series of tests I employed the help of the canine subject in order to create Art 4 Dogs.

Does your dog like art? Maybe it's never seen the right kind. Bring them by Art 4 Dogs...humans welcome too.